Rudder Fin & Fuselage


This is the fin structure. The fin is the stationary part of the whole rudder, the rudder is the part that moves left and right to steer the whole plane. The fin here is basically just a triangle. This is made out of wood and glued together, and i’ll mount the hinges and rudder horn and support to it, and then cover it with plywood and paint it and coat it. I also welded together some of the fuselage frame. I don’t currently have a picture of it, but its made of three quarter inch steel tubing, and currently I’ve welded the front section of the fuselage, (most of it), and then i’ll finish the tail section. The frame is strong but fairly light, and then i’ll bolt ribs of wood to it and then plywood will cover the ribs.


First engine casting!

Well finally, i’ve made a successful casting of the engine piston! Seven more to go.

IMG_7362[1] IMG_7363[1]

So it looks a bit rough and weird as is, but next up is a bit of lathe work, and i’ll be doing what i described in the previous post. Plus, i’ll polish the surfaces and buff them to make it flat and neat. This process repeats 7 times, and i have all the pistons in my engine. And the pistons are one of the major parts, besides the crankshaft and engine block / cylinder heads, this requires most material for a single part. So when i finish all the pistons, next on the menu is an engine block. Like flat engines and boxer engines, it’ll be a two part block, so two halfs you bolt together. That’s much better for me because i’m using expensive molding sand for casting. When i’m done with the block i’ll go on to the crankshaft, made from steel. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, we have some pistons to make. A few words on the engine block, i’ll need a lot more than just aluminum cans to gather material for it, and i’ll need a bigger furnace. I think i’ll need to buy some aluminum, or if i find enough scrap aluminum. I’ll make the main sand mold from the usual molding sand i bought, mixed with special oil. The sand cores, which make up the inside cavities of the block, will be made by using that same sand and mixing sodium silicate, and then harden it using CO2 gas. I still need to figure out how to make the larger furnace. i haven’t quite gotten to that part. But my next job is to machine the piston into its final shape, and then make 7 more.