The Engine

Engine Intro

The engine i intend to make will be a Flat-8 piston engine which drives a propeller. I make it entirely out of scratch, and the design is made by me. Flat piston engines are good for airplanes due to their balanced weight and low center of gravity. Most parts of the engine are made by casting, and most of them are aluminum. I try to make all the large parts out of aluminum, including the engine blocks, pistons, engine heads, and timing gear to name a few. Aluminum is also a nice material to work with and cast. It will run on gasoline, and i have made a few initial calculations.

Some technical data:

  • Configuration: Flat-8
  • Firing order: 1-6-7-4-8-3-2-5 (Each 90° of crankshaft rotation one piston fires)
  • Cylinder bore: 90.0mm or 3.54in
  • Piston stroke: 82.5mm or 3.24in
  • Engine displacement: 4200 cc
Crankshaft Drawing

Crankshaft Drawing

Here is a drawing of the crankshaft. I consider the crankshaft to be the heart of a piston engine.


Firing Order Sketch

Firing Order Sketch

And just for show, this is a sketch i made when i was designing the firing order. The quality is not so good, but i made a table of arrows, each indicating the location of the crank for each piston. This shows the location of each piston in respect to a time unit i call t, each is a quarter of a turn of the crankshaft, so 8t is two turns of the crankshaft which is a full cycle for a four-stroke engine. A dot next to an arrow means it ignites the respective cylinder.


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