Hello, and welcome to my blog! On this blog i will be sharing with you how i will hopefully manage to create an airplane entirely from ground up. I’ve been interested in cars and engines and airplanes for a while now, so i decided to start with the big project, of actually building an airplane. Now a couple of people have successfully made a home built airplane, but most of them do not bother making an engine. I however am creating the engine from scratch. The airplane will be a four passenger one, kind of like the set up of a car. It will be a steel frame, and the main material will be wood, and maybe covered in some sort of protective carbon fiber plastic layer, and then painted to look nice. Wood was used in early aircrafts, and is now used in home built aircrafts due to its low price compared to aluminum alloys. Anyway, i do hope that you will enjoy my blog, and you can read my upcoming posts. I’ll start by building the engine.


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